"The Last Fall"

24" x 24"

Available in a custom dark wood frame


The last Fall depicts one of the last of the great cowgirl bronc riders of the era, Bonnie McCarroll of Idaho, who tragically hastened the demise of the women's sport for her time when she was thrown and fatally trampled at the Pendleton Roundup in 1929.

"The incident created a furor that would not abate," LeCompte points out, "and for the first time a rodeo fatality had a dramatic and lasting impact on the sport... Bonnie was an extremely popular member of the rodeo family, and adding to the tragedy was the fact that Pendleton was to be her last rodeo. After seventeen years on the road, Bonnie and her husband had already announced they would retire, and she had hoped her winnings would help pay for decorations in their Boise new home."

After McCarroll's death, cowgirl bronc riding was dropped from the Pendleton Roundup. Many other rodeo producers followed suit. The cowgirl's
participation in professional rodeo dwindled to almost nil by the end of World War II.

Kristy Watson’s version of this memorable event in history shows Bonnie’s angel riding a horse in the upper left of the painting. It was Bonnies time to go, but her angel rides on and watches over other bronc riders everywhere.